Cigar Guy at Tiger Woods game!

So leave it to a random guy smoking a cigar, now known as `Cigar Guy` to take all of the attention away from Tiger Woods playing! A mystery man in a reddish toupee, fake moustache, chewing a fat stogey with a priceless expression seems to be the spike of everyones attention lately. Just before Tiger Woods made a shot that would smash photographer `Mark Pain`s` lens, he snapped this photo, catching a random bystander dressed for anything but a golf game!

Many people are taking the priceless face of `Cigar Guy` and photoshopping it onto many other bodies in many other scenes:

We got Cigar guy to pose with one of our A99 Golf bags, with a beautiful model and Castro! The model was completely fine around Castro but in such shock with meeting Cigar Guy that she fainted when he walked on set! Luckily we were able to wake her up with some epson salts and get a few normal shots out of her before we had to start prying her off of him. 🙂 Here`s the most normal picture we got:

Then since the model fainted, we decided Cigar Guy was our main focus and got him to squeeze into one of our A99 Golf Bags!

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