10% Discount Code on Your First Order!

Hi everyone!

We have been receiving multiple emails in regards to the 10% discount coupon off your first purchase on http://www.a99golf.com. Some of you do not know where to access it while some others do not know how to activate it. In this post, we will answer some of the most commonly asked questions while guiding you to use the 10% discount code with success.

We have created a YouTube video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pxfMLqzVIU
This video will teach you How to Register, Make a Purchase and Use the 10% Discount Code on a99golf.com 


Q1: Do I have to create an account to receive the discount code on my first order?
A1: Yes, you must create an account on our website to receive the 10% discount code. To create an account on our website, click “Register” on the top right corner. 

Q2: I made my account on a99golf.com already but I don’t know where to find the coupon! Where is it?
A2: We will send you the coupon code by email. Look for an email from us in the inbox of the email address you registered on our site with. If you did not receive an email (very unlikely for this to happen), please contact us and we will send you the code. 

Q3: I have my code but where do I enter it?
A3: You use it upon checkout when you enter your payment method and information.

Once again, please refer to the YouTube video “How to Register, Make a Purchase and Use the 10% Discount Code on a99golf.com” above.

Happy shopping!