A99 Golf Eagle Eye Sunglasses! COOL NEW INVENTION!!

Hello all of our very merry customers with A99! So after finding out about a new product we are presently adding to our inventory, I am once again marvelled and allured with what kind of products are being invented in the world today! Still fairly new the the market, we have the new A99 Eagle Eye sunglasses! Also known as the visiball golf ball spotter glasses, these glasses are pertinent for finding lost balls! With specially designed UV coated lenses, filtering out all foliage, your white and yellow golf balls will not ever have been so easy to find!

These specially designed sunglasses are just for finding your golf balls, however are still designed to have a very comfortable, flexible fit.
Here is a picture of our Eagle Eye Sunglasses:

Under the glasses is the sight with and without the A99 Eagle Eye Sunglasses – see how clearly white stands out with all of the foliage filtered out!:

Remember, when playing golf, losing a ball means a penalty stroke! So really improve your scores and lower your frustration with a pair of A99 Eagle Eye Sunglasses!

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