Tiger Woods loses number 1 to Lee Westwood!!

So as many of you may have heard, after being number one golfer for 281 weeks(5.4 years!) As well as having held the number one title for the most consecutive amount of weeks as well as the most amount of weeks in total, Tiger Woods has now lost championship to golfer Lee Westwood!

Just as Tiger Woods had, Lee Westwood has obtained the title of No. 1 golfer in the world, with out having won a major tournament even once this year! He’s only the 4th golfer in history to be known, and crowned with top golfer of the year, with out doing so!

Although Tiger woods had held the status of being No. 1 for over 5 years now, since 2005, he didn’t seem to mind losing his place, and seemed to have a great attitude the whole time.
As far as the world ranking is concerned, yes, I’m not ranked No 1 in the world, Woods said. In order to do that you have to win and I didn’t win this year.

Meanwhile, I’m sure Westwood was very thrilled to have taken No. 1! Having started his career much later in life than many (13 years compared to Tiger Woods` having started as a meer baby!) Westwood was definitely lucky to have the upper hand in this tournament, and we can only hope he keeps it up!

Way to go Westwood! Sorry for your loss, Woods!

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