A99 Golf Range Finder

Hi everyone, it`s been a great week, and as usual, I`m glad to be back 🙂
So I`m sure many of you have heard of A99`s Golf Range Finder, a neat device that easily lets you see how far you are from your flag. To use, you simply turn it on, look through the eyescope and press a few buttons. When you look through the eyescope it will show you a few lines, one which you line up with the ground, one with the flag pole, and one that moves when you push the button. When everything is aligned properly and you line up the moveable line with the top of the flag, you will know your distance, in yards, from the flag.

A99 is happy to announce we have range finders for only $35! Especially compared to the competitors prices, this is quite the deal.

Just see the comparisons here!

A99 Golf Range Finder:($35.99)

Competitors Range Finder($149.88):

Competitors Range Finder ($419.99):

Handy to use, insuring a much more accurate game, and with it`s compact size, you`ll be sure to not leave this range finder behind on your next golf trip!

A08 14 Way Individual Divider

A08 14way individual divider cart golf bag
I figured I would mention this bag today as it`s one of my favorites’ and I have yet to write a blog about it! With 14 individual full length dividers to keep your nice shiny new clubs from hitting against each other, a superfluous amount of pockets, a cooler pocket and more, this bag is definitely one of the greatest bags with the greatest quality for the greatest price. With all of what I just mentioned as well as an umbrella pocket, a putter pocket, a pocket for golf balls, 2 extra large side pockets for extra clothes and more, as well as some smaller soft pockets for smaller accessories such as watches and jewelry, or your wallet and change, and last but not least mesh pockets so you know where you put whatever you put in them! This bag also comes with a rain cover. On our e-Bay store, we have gotten many good reviews on this bag, to see our reviews on this bag any many other items go here: http://feedback.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=bestvaluegolf&ftab=AllFeedback&myworld=true
If you have any reviews of your own please comment on this blog letting us know how you feel about your purchases! 🙂
I look forward to reading all of your replies! 🙂 – Nyla

Huarengolf.com – Amazing site for golfers!!

Hi everyone, I thought you may like to hear about this site A99 Golf has recently created – huarengolf.com – a great website for golfers which can really help you do anything golf related! From having the ability to socialize with other golfers in your area, to being able to buy and sell your old golf gear, to learning about upcoming tournaments, hosted by A99 Golf, to buying great A99 Golf gear – this website really has it all! Get started with it now and you won`t be disappointed!

You can view the website here: www.huarengolf.com

World News

Hi Nyla Stormy here again, spokes model of A99 Golf. So there`s not much going on with A99 Golf, still the same high quality golf gear for the same great prices. (a99golf.net)
There`s a lot going on in the world though of course! Such as Europe winning the Ryder Cup by one point against USA! USA was definitely keeping up, and at many times ahead of Europe, however the loss of 3 to 1 on the last game is what really killed USA this season. Fortunately there is another 2 years for these teams to train and maybe USA will catch the winning break is 2012! Anyways good job Europe, and close call USA!

Other exciting news in the world right now, Chilean miners were finally rescued! After being trapped about half a mile underground for over 2 months, the rescue of these 33 workers is finally underway. All of these men survivors of a very shocking disaster, which will change their life forever. Luckily, after surviving with no sun, far from normal society life, there have been no fatalities or known sickness. With a whole new life journey and an added bit of fame waiting for them at the top, these miners seem to have just begun their lives.