How To Choose The Right Quality Airflow Golf Balls?

From the beginner to the expert golfers, the correct selection of golf balls is essential. The manufacturing of the golf ball has changed a lot in the last few years. Now, there is a large variety of airflow golf balls are available online. Some golf balls are designed to help the players to achieve the large distances off the tee. Other is soft and designed to achieve a high degree of precision. Therefore, it is very necessary for the golf players to choose the right airflow golf ball.

When choosing the golf ball there are several factors to be considered. Some of the factors are-

1. Consider the Construction – The first thing to consider is the construction of the ball because are made up of one piece, two-piece ball and three piece ball.

2. The weight of the ball- The weight is also another siginficant factor to consider while choosing the ball. The weight of the ball should be light because it helps to achieve the large distance off the tee.

3. Think about the price- The second thing that should be considered is the price of the ball. Losing the golf ball is frustrating for players because purchasing a pack of golf balls can be pricey affairs, so its good to get a pack in your budget.

If you are looking for airflow golf balls with all these qualities, then no need to look further than A99 mall. A99 Mall offers you the top quality airflow golf balls includign other accesories like golf clubs, golf balls, and more at the most competitive prices. In addition, these online stores also provide good discounts time to time so if you keep a track, then its may be that you get the balls and other accessories at good discount rates.

Purchase High-Quality Golf Headcovers Online At The Best Prices

Every golf players know the importance of head covers for a golf club. It is essential to choose the right one to give the best performance. The head covers not only gives an opportunity to express your personality, it also helps to prevent the golf club form any type of damages.

Now, The golf club head covers are available in different styles, designs, and sizes which helps you to enjoy the game.

1. Simple Headcovers – Simple Headcovers have a traditional look which includes knitted club head cover which comes with tartan designs and it never loses their fame. It can available in all types of colors like green or red colors.

2. Personalized Headcovers – Personalized head covers are suitable for those who want everything unique with a personal touch. And the fabric used for personalized golf club head covers varies from traditional knits to contemporary neoprene which makes it elegant and strong as well.

3. Novelty Headcovers – Novelty covers are the wise choice for those which are the lovers of good humor. In fact, it is also good gifts for those people who are looking for attractive gifts for golfer friends. It can be found in animal shapes or any cartoon shapes also.

A99 Mall offers you the top quality of golf head covers in different designs and patterns such as animal Headcovers, patriotic covers, sports theme, etc. Apart from this, you can also purchase golf clubs, golf balls, accessories and more from this online shop at the most competitive prices.

Select The Best Golf Travel Bags To Enjoy Your Vacation To The Fullest

Get the best quality range of golf club travel bags at prices you never imagined for and enjoy your vacations with family and friends to the fullest.

The United States, November 9, 2017– In this present era, the game of golf is no longer deemed as a game of a retired or elite group of people. It has become favorites of all now. Even you can also plan a golf vacation to your favorite place with your family and friends.

The craze of the golf game and its stylish accessories never ends and it is even true that people always try to get the best in the game. Starting from the tee till the golf club travel bags people love to have the perfect golf sets that are not just wonderfully even comfortable to handle and use.

Buy online golf clubs, bags or even other accessories that are designed just for the game or the player as such accessories always enhance the fun of the game.

The new range of golf club travel bags offered by A99 Mall is a nod to golf’s storied past, featuring styles and materials that speak to the richness and tradition of the game. These golf bags are not simply replicas; they are precisely designed for the modern way golf is played today. Features such as durable hard hood and body construction, heavy duty wheels, strong shoulder strap make these bags classic choices for the new generation.

The golf travel bags designed with stand features a 1 TSA Lock, 3 Velcros around the hard top to protect. Along with this, it also includes a full length both sides long pockets and extra unique top access for taking out or put in the clubs.

Here at A99 Mall, we provide excellent golf equipment to all our clients at incredible rates. If you also want to purchase such high-quality golf club travel bags, then you can buy them from the website easily. Get all the golf accessories delivered right at the doorstep and enjoy using the fascinating accessories in your game.

A99 Mall Introduces Extra Soft Golf Practice Ball At Good Competitive Rates

A99 Mall manufacturer of premium golf balls, clubs and accessories- today unveils the new extra soft golf practice ball, available now at their website

The practice balls are much lighter and softer, meaning that it slows down, the quicker and only travels about 30-50% of the distance of a proper golf ball. These features make them ideal practice ball for all kinds of shots. The practice balls are ideal for beginners as these balls highlight a poor swing path and open/closed club face. Undoubtedly, these balls are the best practice golf balls available on the market.

“After performing for a long time for players at all skill levels, we’ve learned that golfers have different needs, preference as well as budgets too,” says the spokesperson. “Practicing with these balls give the golfer a chance to improve their game and offer more flexibility.” It definitely makes it easier to practice and improve your game if you make use of training aids like a good golf practice ball regularly.

Separating the A99 from all other ball manufacturers is the company’s unique and proven approach to new product development. In addition to golf practice balls, A99 designs a diverse portfolio of golf balls to meet the needs of all player performance characteristics, including floater balls, crystal balls, air flow balls, PU balls and much more. More information on all varieties of balls is available at

About A99 Mall

A99 Mall is based in Canada and USA, offers a premium range of golf balls, clubs, and accessories at the most competitive rates. The company started offering golf accessories in 2003, and as the leading manufacturer expand their little business into something big in 2005. Now not only they offer golf products, but also deal in electronics, everyday-wear apparel, and more!

Carry Your Clubs Easily Anywhere With Golf Club Travel Bags

Golf travel is fun, whether it’s a quick weekend trip to a warm destination in the winter or it’s a long trip to a cooler climate in the middle of the summer. You can’t take your clubs in the airplane cabin, so they have to go in the hold and put your investment in the hands of baggage handlers. If you’re going to travel with your clubs it is necessary for you to protect your clubs with a quality golf travel bag.

There are usually two categories of golf club travel bags– hardcover and soft cover. Which should you choose?

Hardcover golf bags: One of the best investments that avid golfers can make is a hardcover golf bag. The hard bags are solid outside to protect from bumps and drops, but also have a soft interior cover to cushion your clubs. The inside fabric should be high quality, flexible and provide some storage space around all of the clubs.

Soft Cover golf bags: For those games with driving distance, a hardcover may not be the best choice to keep your clubs. These soft bags are usually the best option for golfers who don’t travel long distances. These bags come with enough space for storing a carting bag as well as having rollers that make it easy to pull them where you want to go.

So, the next golf trip you plan, start by getting the best golf club travel bags for you from the A99 online store. They’re committed to getting you the best deals on the gear you need.

A99 Novice

As a beginner being introduced to the fascinating sport of golf, there is of course much to be learnt by myself still. Whilst the basics such as; the different types of golf clubs, balls and accessory equipment that make golfing experience all the more entertaining, need very little prior knowledge to learn and remember, the true joy of the sport was experienced only when I first struck the golf ball with a stroke I was proud of.

It is a very safe sport with less injuries associated with it, and yes, golf can be initiated at a relatively young age and continued all the way into retirement as a recreation sport due to less physical stress. Of course competitions are extremely viable in the progression of skill levels and will be an area that I will pursue once I have reached a better level of competence. Once again, as I am still currently a beginner in the sport, I am still pursuing for technical excellence to better myself.

A99 International Inc. was instrumental in my interest and exploration into golf by providing me with a source of equipment and guidance in forms of events which is organized regularly with constant notifications so I do not miss out on any opportunities provided. The equipment have been loyal to me and have given me a great everlasting impression of the brand in the world of golf and the organizers of the events are extremely passionate about their field which can only be outdone by their expertise. I cannot recommend each event enough for each banquet of skills and knowledge it provides for both the recreational and competitive players.

I cannot begin to explain my urge to pursue the sport further at a higher level and I ask you to follow me on my journey! Till next time!

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A99 Golf Headquarters

Some of you might be wondering, “Where is A99 Golf’s head office located? What is it like to spend a day in there?”

Well for starters, A99 Golf’s headquarters is located in Toronto, Ontario. This is also where one of our warehouses is located. Although we ship goods internationally, this convenient location allows us to ship our goods for free to our North American customers.

Our headquarters is also a part of our store. Customers can walk in and can have a look around to see what is available to purchase. If they are looking for a specific item that they found on our online store, we can deliver what they need to their very own hands.

This is also where some workers answer phone calls, reply to emails and just making contributions to A99 in pursuit of making it better than before. We are always striving for improvement!

Besides our store, A99 Golf has an indoor driving range and a virtual golfing simulator in our headquarters. Customers are able to book lessons and driving range sessions for themselves at a very affordable price. We also often have special events where golfers are able to use the driving range free of cost. We just simply want to give back to the golfing community – whether you are a child or a senior, a beginner or an expert, we host golfing events for all types of golfers!

As of now, we also host our summer golf camp annually for children between the ages 5 to 14. Volunteers also come in to help supervise the children. If you ever visit us this summer between the times of 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM from Mondays to Thursdays, you can catch them learning to play golf!

In general, a lot happens in A99 Golf’s Headquarters in Toronto, Ontario. This is where we manage our store – online and in-person, communicate with our customers, host golf lessons, host our golf camps for children, organize upcoming charitable events, and so much more!

If you would like to visit us, our address is:

39 Riviera Drive, Unit 14
Markham, Ontario
L3R 5M1

and our hours of operation are:

Mon – Fri 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Sat – Sun 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

See you there!a99 golf sponsor NPO CCJGA officea99 golf toronto headquarter

A99 Golf Club’s Annual Summer Golf Camp for Children

Every year, A99 Golf Club hosts its summer camp for children. This year (2016), it is running from July 4th to September 2nd. The summer camp runs from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM every Monday to Friday.

From Mondays to Thursdays the children learn the basics of golf in our indoor driving range. Coach Frank teaches them all they need to know before they head out to play golf on an actual golf course every Friday. Volunteers also come in to supervise the children for the sake of their safety.

Everyday, the children enter and leave the building with smiles on their faces. As the children are developing golfing skills, they are also making new friends and memories!

Overall, our summer golf camp enlightens the whole atmosphere of our building with the children’s overwhelming amount of positive energy. We are glad that we can bring them as much joy as they bring to us.

So far, our first summer camp has came with a huge success! Here are some fun moments to share for first week’s tee time at BushWood GC!

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A99 Golf supports The Third “Play Fore Kids” Golf Tournament

May 7th 2016 at King City was a day of a beautiful weather with warming sunshines and cloudless blue sky. The third “Play Fore Kids” charity golf tournament has been held by Hua Ren Golf Association at Cardinal Golf Club. The beautiful sceneries of the golf course has for sure added much happiness to our participants!


Participants of the adult tournament of the 3rd Play Fore Kids Golf Tournament

With more than hundreds of golfers, volunteers and media reporters attending, it has absolutely made our event a grand, successful golf tournament. With the attendance of Richmond Hill City representative Godwin Chan, ACCE president Irwin Li, and Chinese Media Association president Grant Guo along with his 12 professional media reporters, HRGA president (also CEO of A99 International Inc.) Michael Li presented his highest welcome and appreciation.

HRGA directors: Shaun, Andy, Michael, Alan, Jeff, Justin

HRGA directors: Shaun, Andy, Michael, Alan, Jeff, Justin

On the same day, A99 Golf Academy leader Helen and Academy Coach Frank also held a free-to-join Junior Golf Tour at Kettle Creek. Along with the adult group tournament, our event has came with a huge successfully ending.

The tournament ended with honorary winners: Championship Shaun Cen, second place David Chu and third place Steve Quan. Winners of the tournament each received a total amount of $1000 prize. With the generous decision of both the winners and HRGA, the $1000 is donated to Junior Golf Scholarship Fund.

HRGA president Michael Li and the winners of tournament

HRGA president Michael Li and the winners of tournament

At around 3:00 pm, the post-tournament party began with an voluntary auction held by Luck Ticket, auction items includes travel mate golf bags and many other golf equipments and products which are sponsored by A99 Golf, along with other wonderful deals and products by provided other sponsors.

The Third "Play Fore Kids" tournament trophies

The Third “Play Fore Kids” tournament trophies

First place winner

First place winner

Second place winner

Second place winner

Third place winner

Third place winner