A99 Novice

As a beginner being introduced to the fascinating sport of golf, there is of course much to be learnt by myself still. Whilst the basics such as; the different types of golf clubs, balls and accessory equipment that make golfing experience all the more entertaining, need very little prior knowledge to learn and remember, the true joy of the sport was experienced only when I first struck the golf ball with a stroke I was proud of.

It is a very safe sport with less injuries associated with it, and yes, golf can be initiated at a relatively young age and continued all the way into retirement as a recreation sport due to less physical stress. Of course competitions are extremely viable in the progression of skill levels and will be an area that I will pursue once I have reached a better level of competence. Once again, as I am still currently a beginner in the sport, I am still pursuing for technical excellence to better myself.

A99 International Inc. was instrumental in my interest and exploration into golf by providing me with a source of equipment and guidance in forms of events which is organized regularly with constant notifications so I do not miss out on any opportunities provided. The equipment have been loyal to me and have given me a great everlasting impression of the brand in the world of golf and the organizers of the events are extremely passionate about their field which can only be outdone by their expertise. I cannot recommend each event enough for each banquet of skills and knowledge it provides for both the recreational and competitive players.

I cannot begin to explain my urge to pursue the sport further at a higher level and I ask you to follow me on my journey! Till next time!

10% Discount Code on Your First Order!

Hi everyone!

We have been receiving multiple emails in regards to the 10% discount coupon off your first purchase on http://www.a99golf.com. Some of you do not know where to access it while some others do not know how to activate it. In this post, we will answer some of the most commonly asked questions while guiding you to use the 10% discount code with success.

We have created a YouTube video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pxfMLqzVIU
This video will teach you How to Register, Make a Purchase and Use the 10% Discount Code on a99golf.com 


Q1: Do I have to create an account to receive the discount code on my first order?
A1: Yes, you must create an account on our website to receive the 10% discount code. To create an account on our website, click “Register” on the top right corner. 

Q2: I made my account on a99golf.com already but I don’t know where to find the coupon! Where is it?
A2: We will send you the coupon code by email. Look for an email from us in the inbox of the email address you registered on our site with. If you did not receive an email (very unlikely for this to happen), please contact us and we will send you the code. 

Q3: I have my code but where do I enter it?
A3: You use it upon checkout when you enter your payment method and information.

Once again, please refer to the YouTube video “How to Register, Make a Purchase and Use the 10% Discount Code on a99golf.com” above.

Happy shopping!

A99 Golf Headquarters

Some of you might be wondering, “Where is A99 Golf’s head office located? What is it like to spend a day in there?”

Well for starters, A99 Golf’s headquarters is located in Toronto, Ontario. This is also where one of our warehouses is located. Although we ship goods internationally, this convenient location allows us to ship our goods for free to our North American customers.

Our headquarters is also a part of our store. Customers can walk in and can have a look around to see what is available to purchase. If they are looking for a specific item that they found on our online store, we can deliver what they need to their very own hands.

This is also where some workers answer phone calls, reply to emails and just making contributions to A99 in pursuit of making it better than before. We are always striving for improvement!

Besides our store, A99 Golf has an indoor driving range and a virtual golfing simulator in our headquarters. Customers are able to book lessons and driving range sessions for themselves at a very affordable price. We also often have special events where golfers are able to use the driving range free of cost. We just simply want to give back to the golfing community – whether you are a child or a senior, a beginner or an expert, we host golfing events for all types of golfers!

As of now, we also host our summer golf camp annually for children between the ages 5 to 14. Volunteers also come in to help supervise the children. If you ever visit us this summer between the times of 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM from Mondays to Thursdays, you can catch them learning to play golf!

In general, a lot happens in A99 Golf’s Headquarters in Toronto, Ontario. This is where we manage our store – online and in-person, communicate with our customers, host golf lessons, host our golf camps for children, organize upcoming charitable events, and so much more!

If you would like to visit us, our address is:

39 Riviera Drive, Unit 14
Markham, Ontario
L3R 5M1

and our hours of operation are:

Mon – Fri 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Sat – Sun 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

See you there!a99 golf sponsor NPO CCJGA officea99 golf toronto headquarter

A99 Golf Club’s Annual Summer Golf Camp for Children

Every year, A99 Golf Club hosts its summer camp for children. This year (2016), it is running from July 4th to September 2nd. The summer camp runs from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM every Monday to Friday.

From Mondays to Thursdays the children learn the basics of golf in our indoor driving range. Coach Frank teaches them all they need to know before they head out to play golf on an actual golf course every Friday. Volunteers also come in to supervise the children for the sake of their safety.

Everyday, the children enter and leave the building with smiles on their faces. As the children are developing golfing skills, they are also making new friends and memories!

Overall, our summer golf camp enlightens the whole atmosphere of our building with the children’s overwhelming amount of positive energy. We are glad that we can bring them as much joy as they bring to us.

So far, our first summer camp has came with a huge success! Here are some fun moments to share for first week’s tee time at BushWood GC!

13590264_1143729865690051_4182013291200139203_n 13600214_1143729815690056_1617380037689000240_n 13606565_1143729939023377_8051485140029689512_n 13612363_1143729885690049_8296204973458829714_n 13615063_1143729829023388_3332731053425471814_n 13627066_1143729822356722_7816306056625327566_n

A99 Golf supports The Third “Play Fore Kids” Golf Tournament

May 7th 2016 at King City was a day of a beautiful weather with warming sunshines and cloudless blue sky. The third “Play Fore Kids” charity golf tournament has been held by Hua Ren Golf Association at Cardinal Golf Club. The beautiful sceneries of the golf course has for sure added much happiness to our participants!


Participants of the adult tournament of the 3rd Play Fore Kids Golf Tournament

With more than hundreds of golfers, volunteers and media reporters attending, it has absolutely made our event a grand, successful golf tournament. With the attendance of Richmond Hill City representative Godwin Chan, ACCE president Irwin Li, and Chinese Media Association president Grant Guo along with his 12 professional media reporters, HRGA president (also CEO of A99 International Inc.) Michael Li presented his highest welcome and appreciation.

HRGA directors: Shaun, Andy, Michael, Alan, Jeff, Justin

HRGA directors: Shaun, Andy, Michael, Alan, Jeff, Justin

On the same day, A99 Golf Academy leader Helen and Academy Coach Frank also held a free-to-join Junior Golf Tour at Kettle Creek. Along with the adult group tournament, our event has came with a huge successfully ending.

The tournament ended with honorary winners: Championship Shaun Cen, second place David Chu and third place Steve Quan. Winners of the tournament each received a total amount of $1000 prize. With the generous decision of both the winners and HRGA, the $1000 is donated to Junior Golf Scholarship Fund.

HRGA president Michael Li and the winners of tournament

HRGA president Michael Li and the winners of tournament

At around 3:00 pm, the post-tournament party began with an voluntary auction held by Luck Ticket, auction items includes travel mate golf bags and many other golf equipments and products which are sponsored by A99 Golf, along with other wonderful deals and products by provided other sponsors.

The Third "Play Fore Kids" tournament trophies

The Third “Play Fore Kids” tournament trophies

First place winner

First place winner

Second place winner

Second place winner

Third place winner

Third place winner


A view to A99 GOLF

2003, a small factory with group of 30 employees started manufacturing of golf bags.

2005, A99 Golf was established. Our aim is to give golfers world wide the best, not only in OEM manufacturing, but also through new designs, concepts, and functions — hence we developed A99.”


A99 golf carries unique golf products such as hybrid golf bags, travel covers,  range stand bags and various golf training aids.

A99 Travel mate III yellow

A99 Travel mate III yellow

A99 C4 range bags

A99 C4 range bags

We have been serving North American golfers since 2006 from our warehouse in Toronto Canada and New York USA. We also distribute a99 line to other countries and areas either from our North America warehouse or our Asia logistic center.

Proud to declare that  A99 Golf team not only provides the quality golf products to world wide consumers,  but also sponsored numerous charity golf events, and contribute cash donation to the charity organizations such as Sick Kids Foundation (Toronto). etc. To keep our business growing health the same time we return to the society.

A99 Golf is also the main sponsor to Hua Ren Golf Association, a non-profit organization with intentions to promote the sport of golf among the Canadian Chinese community. During the summer, HRGA hosts tee-time activities at many different golf courses weekly, members of the association will enjoy permanent discount for the green-fees. For golfers who needs golfing equipments, A99 Golf pro shop provides them the best golf products with pleasant price.

A99 Golf pro-shop

A99 Golf pro-shop

All proceeds from operations are used to promote golf activities and support charitable events in the community. With our experience and reputation, we have set our focus on hosting golf lessons, golf free lectures, golf competitions, etc. Through our various events, we hope to enhance our participants’ enthusiasm of golf with well-organized HRGA golf events.


A99 Definition – “A“ stand form”Grade A”, it represents the quality of A99 products; “99” means “forever” , which also represent the spirit of pursuing perfection through continuous improvement!

For more info on A99 Golf Line, please visit www.a99golf.com.

If you are interested in our golf club academy, please visit www.a99golfclub.com

A99 Golf in summer – let the golf boom!

Hi all Golfers! This is A99 Golf! We’ve recently been so busy as the demand and request for our A99 golf products have been increasing along with our summer temperature! The weathers are nice, the sun shines… every one will love to go out home and have a swing!

And now, with this summer golf-boom, more and more phone calls are coming with the inquiries with our golf products, moreover, some of our best selling products are almost out of stock online! Just today we received a phone call ordering our C8 golf bag! We’ve also seen a lot of costumers coming in store asking for outdoor golf equipments such as UV ray protective sleeves, sunhat, different tees and golf balls, etc!

With this such high demand in our product, A99 is now facing a route to innovation! We have many newly listed product such as the T02 travel cover blue aimed for a work- professional style, it has got built-in name card holder and shoulder strap for easy carries, the bottom part is supported by a double-wheeled base so that golfers can drag them along the road:


We also took new photos of our colorful wedge tees , these tees are very popular among the costumers from US, seems like everyone would like a bit of rainbow at their golf course 🙂

wedge2 wedge1

Just about yesterday, one of our colleagues also took some nice photo for our multi-functional tees, she said these tees may seem like normal wedge tees, but the little plastic clip that came with them really did a lot of help in supporting the tees on the grass, she also commented on how the heights can be adjusted depending on personal needs which is very useful!

multitee2 multitee5 multitee6 multitee7

Applicable to both artificial and real grass, light orange color also stands out from the greens allowing easy spotting 😛

Last but not least, A99 Golf academy summer camp will also begin starting July, we will be seeing a lot of children learning golf as a beginner, look forward to play with them! 😛

A99 Golf Practice PU balls

Model: A99 Golf Pu Balls Yellow

Material: PU Leather
Diameter: 42mm / 1.65in
Weight: 0.2oz (6g)/pc
Hardness: 70
Quantity: available in 12/36/50/105/130 pcs


PU golf ball  =  same size as standard real golf ball. This new golf ball is designed for serious golfers of all levels that demand tour-validated technology and performance. The golf ball provides long, consistent distance with the driver, while maintaining soft feel and high performance into and around the green with drop-and-stop control.
PU simulation models a real golf ball, identical shape, weight, touch, feeling. Also works as a nice decoration or gift, it simulates the flight of the real golf ball and lets you practice anywhere.


  • Higher coverage dimple designed with new staggered wave parting line
  • Enhanced aerodynamics for long distance, drop-and-stop green side control
  • Integrated alignment guide for better accuracy
  • Single-layer design, soft enough for your long time use
  • Low spin off the driver and long irons for consistent distance
  • Fast initial velocity with soft compression for outstanding feel
  • You can expect tour distance and precision control when using this ball
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Scentless, and conforms to EN71 and CE standard
  • Can be used for collection, decoration and promotion gift

Swing Problems Can be Magnified
Practice balls travel less distance than normal balls, but they still mimic the flight of a regular ball. This applies to both foam and plastic practice balls. If you are hooking or slicing a shot, then it will be more noticeable. It is also easy to see if the ball went straight or flew to the left or right. This is one of the main advantages of using practice balls — plus the fact that you don’t have to walk hundreds of yards to pick the balls up.

PU balls 130_01 PU balls 130_02 PU balls 130

A99 Golf brings your golf life to some new artistic elements!

Hello golfers! A99 is here today to talk about the ‘evolution’ of one of our tiny but crucial tool for golfing : the golf tees!

Ever since very early ages, golfers have been using a stick to have the golf balls hold onto for a perfect swing. Even in recent days all we can see in golf courses are coloured stick tees, coloured wedge tees, coloured rubber tees, etc. With such a free DIY-able golf tool all we could do is to change the colours? Come on, not quite of a good promotion :/

But now, for those golfers whom holds an artistic trait, these simple formed stick tees may not longer be satisfying them. And to solve this issue, A99 is here to introduce the newly formed golf tees!


Model: A99 Golf Caddy Girl Tee (3pcs)

Material: Plastic

Length: 3″/7.5cm

Weight: 0.18lb

Package: 3pcs

  • Dedicated for those whom loves to have a pretty lady to hold their golf balls!





Model: Brush Tee II

Meterial: Plastic
Two Color: Yellow, Pink
Two Size: 70mm (2.75in)
Packing: 4pcs/set


  • A unique tee that supports golf balls with nylon bristle brushes.
  • The bristles creates minimum brushes for the ball and therefore has minimum deflection.

Brush tee II_01 Brush tee II_02 Brush tee II_03 Brush tee II_04 Brush tee II_05 Brush tee II_06

brush tee

Model: Magnet Tees

Color: Random(Red, Blue)
Quantity: 8pcs


  • Tee meets no resistance on impact and is easy to stick on and off
  • Using magnet, the tee meets so few resistance the ball can fly amazingly farther than usual
  • Magnet golf tees are far from being lost away because of the detaching head, which is made of magnet, connected by string
  • It has good durability and economical efficiency

magnet tee 2packs

magnet tee 2packs_01

After reading the above newly designed golf tees, are you interested in having them in your golf bag and golf course? No problem! Visit a99golf.com and you will get them as soon as possible! 

Lost your golf balls in the greens? No worries, A99 is here to help!

For years, many golfers have spent hundreds of dollars on the replacement of lost golf balls in the greens. These unnecessary spends could’ve been the payment to a brand new A99 travel mate bag, or even a new 3-month membership at the A99 golf club!

But now golfers will no longer need to worry, A99 is here to introduce the A99 Golf Ball Finder Glasses!

A99 Golf Ball Finder Glasses Black Frame

Model: E-1

Color: Black Frame

A99 Golf Eagle Eye golf ball finder glasses are ideal for retrieving lost golf balls on the course. By Filtering out unwanted sunlight, bright objects such as white or yellow golf balls stand out in your vision, thus make locating them much easier. The Eagle Eye golf ball finder glasses make your game more enjoyable by reducing the time spent on searching for lost balls.


  • Designed for finding lost golf balls
  • UV protection
  • Flexible and comfortable

E-1_01 E-1_07 E-1

Now available on A99golf.com !